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  • Program NameHajj 2
  • Duration14 days / 13 nights
  • Price000.00
  • PlaceAl Madinah - Mecca
Program Details

 Hajj trip program

14 days / 13 nights

Five Star Hotels

1 Dhul Hijjah:

 The gathering at Cairo International Airport, Building No. (3), the seasonal hall, interview with the supervisor for the flight to Medina. Arrive in Madinah, end procedures and passports, and take a bus to head to the hotel five stars. Half an open buffet (breakfast + dinner).

2 to 4 Dhul Hijjah:

Residence in Medina.

5 Dhul Hijjah: 

Collecting bags for loading and delivery to the Makkah Al-Mukarramah Hotel five stars. Half an open buffet (breakfast + dinner) appointment. The date is determined by the supervisor. 

Ihram and wearing Ihram clothing and gathering in the lobby of the hotel according to the instructions of the supervisor and then going to Abyar on (Miqat al-Madina) to pray two rak'ahs with the intention of entering ihram for Umrah (Hajj is enjoyable). After that, he heads to Makkah Al-Mukarramah. After receiving the rooms and housing in the hotel, he goes to the sanctuary, performs Umrah, and decides from it, then returns to the hotel. 

6 and 7 Dhul Hijjah:

 Residence in Makkah.

8 Dhul Hijjah:

 After eating dinner at the hotel, preparing for the rituals of Hajj by taking a bath, wearing the Ihram clothing, the intention of the Hajj, and being in the lobby of the hotel at 11 pm to leave Makkah Al-Mukarramah, taking the bus and heading to Arafat to stay in German tents, spacious, luxurious and air-conditioned spaces with meals (breakfast + food + dinner) and start the rituals of Hajj. 

9 Dhul Hijjah:

 Accommodation in Arafat until sunset, in air-conditioned tents, serving breakfast (breakfast + food), an open buffet, and performing afternoon and afternoon prayers.

 Moving from Arafat after sunset on the 9th of Dhul Hijjah, and head to Muzdalifah to perform the Maghrib and Isha prayers, whether by gathering or shortening, and collecting stones (49 stones) from Muzdalifah.

 10 Dhul Hijjah:

 Heading to Mona to live in the company’s camps and prepare to throw the Greater Aqaba Jamra (7 stones) and default (smaller decomposition).


11 Dhul Hijjah:

 Throwing the stoned Jamarat (21 pebble) Greater - Central - Lesser.

 12 Dhul Hijjah: 

Jamarat (21 pebbles) threw the major - Central - Lesser, then the independence of the bus and return to Mecca to perform the rafting of the rampage (Tawaf and Sa`i), the greatest decay and the end of the rituals of Hajj. 

13 Dhul Hijjah: 

Being in Makkah and doing the farewell tawaaf (tawaaf only).

 14 Dhul Hijjah: 

The gathering in the lobby (according to the instructions of the supervisor) to go to Jeddah airport to travel to the pilgrims city hall. 



  •  The duration of the Hajj trip program is 14 days / 13 nights. 

  • Accommodation in Madinah: Four nights in a five-star hotel, half an open buffet stay (breakfast + dinner). 

  • Residence in Makkah: Five-star hotel Half-board open buffet breakfast (breakfast + dinner) for five days, with the hotel being kept during Tashreeq days.

  • Residence in Arafat: German tents, spacious, luxurious and air-conditioned spaces with meals (breakfast + lunch + dinner) in addition to all kinds of juices, hot drinks and mineral water. 

  • Residence in Mena: in air-conditioned tents with meals (breakfast + lunch + dinner) in addition to all kinds of juices and hot drinks. 

  • Traveling Saudi Airlines or EgyptAir (Cairo / Jeddah - Jeddah / Cairo) Interior transfers, luxury air-conditioned buses, modern style. (Jeddah / Madinah - Madinah / Makkah - rituals: Arafat / Mona - Makkah / Jeddah Airport)

  •  A gift for every pilgrim (a bag + a ritual booklet). Administrative, medical and religious supervision at the highest level.

  •  The customer pays the airline ticket when the airline announces the value of the ticket.


Method of Payment:

0000 pounds a reservation provider for each pilgrim who the company pays on his behalf in the Hajj account of the Ministry of Tourism in exchange for an official receipt in the name of each pilgrim in which the reservation series is indicated (the amount is refunded by check in favor of the pilgrim in the event that he is not chosen in the lottery without deduction of any fees) 

In the event that the customer gets the opportunity to perform the Hajj by lot, he will immediately pay 50% of the trip value, provided that he will pay the remaining amount immediately after Eid Al Fitr. 

Note: The applicant must not have preceded Hajj during the last five years.


Required Documents:

  • Modern passport, quadruple name, valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel, national ID card copy. 

  • 12 personal photos, provided that the background of the photo is white, and the pictures of women with the headscarf.

  •  A health certificate for spinal fever with a red payment receipt issued by the health office. 

  • Women under the age of 45 are prohibited. Men under the age of 25 are required to have a companion.

  •  The travel permit for those of enlistment age is provided for passports when traveling. 

  • The last date for receiving pilgrimage requests is 20 Ramadan.


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