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  • Program NameOmra programs
  • Duration 10 Days / 9 Nights
  • Price000.00
  • PlaceMecca / Al Madina
Program Details

  LOLOAT MISR TRAVEL  Company has the honor to accompany you on this religious journey


 • Being in Cairo International Airport (New Airport) Building No. (3) the seasonal hall at 6 am at the airport to travel on EgyptAir heading to Jeddah airport, in Ihram       clothing. 

• Arrival at Jeddah International Airport in the morning (KSA time), finish the procedures and go with his flight supervisor. 

• Go to the air-conditioned bus to the Makkah Hotel for accommodation (5 nights for breakfast).  


Travel to Al Madinah :

 • Being in the lobby of the hotel at noon ready to move to the city at 2 pm. • Stay in Madinah for a period of (4 nights) for breakfast. 

• Doing the shrines of Medina (Quba Mosque - Doubles Mosque - Uhud Martyrs). 

• The bus will move from the front of the hotel at 8 am.


Very important note:  

 Not being in the hotel lobby at the appointed time is an implicit desire of the pilgrim not to visit  


Traveling to Cairo: 

 Prepare to travel to Cairo and move from the hotel at 2 pm and head to Medina Airport to travel on Egypt Air  


 Please consider the following: 

  • Kindly write data on the bags, whether in Mecca or Medina. 

• Kindly not to place passports and golden articles in travel bags.

 • Ensure that the travel permits (approval of the employer - the recruitment document) are obtained for those who are required to do so.

 • Each pilgrim is allowed two bags of 23 kgs each. 


With the wishes of LOLOAT MISR TRAVELl Company for an blessed omra.

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